December 11, 2023

Playing slide guitar part 2: Choosing a slide

So, you`ve had a listen to a few ole slide fellers playing and now you`re ready to think about choosing a piece for yourself. Well, it`s a bit like choosing a gun – they all do the same thing but handle very differently. You have to ask yourself do I need a.44 or a .38?

For those of you who don’t know your blues onions this section might really help you out…

but make sure you’ve a black cat bone handy in case things get out of hand.

Here are some particularly lauded slide manufacturers who bring the best of modern technology to the tradition of slide guitar- these guys make slides with different bores so whether or not you`ve got hands like shovels with sausages for fingers or the slender bony twig-like knuckles of a corpse there`ll be a slide for ya!


The shorter and thinner the wall of the slide, the brighter the tone. And the longer and thicker the wall, the warmer the tone.


The Moonshine Slide is warmer than glass. Made from a white porcelain body and glazed with cobalt–a round, fluid tone reminiscent of a tube amp is the result.

The Mudslide and Moonshine Slides have bisque interiors, providing moisture-absorbing properties for better control.
udslide, used by Grammy winning artist Keb’Mo’, slips in between glass and metal in tonal quality.

Mudslides are crafted from high-fire black porcelain and finished with a hard clear glaze. Brighter than a glass slide yet not as metallic as a metal slide–its very much like the bone slide of old.


Rockslides which are tapered and shaped to fit – the appliance of science.=to the oldest game in the world.

Rockslides are designed to avoid all the usual problems of movement, instability on the finger and also tonal problems, weight issues and the like.

The Small slide fits comfortably on the pinky finger allowing the index, middle and ring finger freedom to play. The Medium slide fits the ring finger comfortably and can be worn on the pinky finger of players with larger fingers or if you want full six string coverage with a slide on the pinky finger. The large slide fits comfortably on the middle finger or the ring finger of players with larger fingers. The large slide has the adjacent finger rests on both sides for resting the index and ring finger (maximum stability) The weight and thickness of this slide produce un-paralleled sustain!!


Rocky mountain have a HUGE range of colourfull slides and tone bars and fingerslides of all sizes and shapes such as

The Finn, the Poncha BUllet, the Swamp Frog, Hot Spike and many more. Here are the Worlds first and only hand-crafted custom Guitar Slides. Although made of ceramic material, each model, when combined with specific glazes, can be calibrated to emulate the tones of glass, ceramic and various metals.

Their RAW slide growls like abear and the Double dipped slide has three finishes for 3 tonal varieties in one slide.

THese guys are off the hook!

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