December 12, 2023


Guitar gear makers keep creating and innovating stuff that we’d probably never even think of, let alone ever think could be created. The good thing is that they create things to help us improve our playing. The unfortunate flip side is that they also create a necessity for buying them.

So what’s new in the market today? PocketStrings – Meet your guitar’s best friend!

PocketStrings is the ultimate “play everywhere” guitar practice tool. As its name suggests, it is extremely portable, fits in your jeans pocket and does have a very useful function.

PocketStrings allows you to practice and improve your guitar skills in guitar-unfriendly spots such as: cars, airplanes, the office, school, dinner table, and virtually any other place your pocket will fit, but your guitar won’t.

Built for guitarists of all skill sets, from rookies to rock stars, PocketStrings has a 4 fret model built for practicing chords and a 6 fret model made for both chords and scales.

PocketStrings is:

1. Portable: Take it anywhere and everywhere
2. Weightless: Sleek, thin design that makes it easy to put in your pocket
3. Durable: Engineered to be rocked on
4. Real Frets: It does look and feels like a real guitar
5. Real Strings: Build your finger strength and calluses while practicing.

If you wanna get more info and how to buy it, visit

This product is very similar to ShredNeck, which we have blogged about. So now you have two options to choose from!

Check out Pocket Strings video presentation.

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