December 12, 2023

PRS Artist Package

Feeling creative lately? Create your own personalized Paul Reed Smith guitar!

Everyone knows PRS guitars, yes they are amazing, not only because of the look but also the sound. Who uses PRS? Carlos Santana, Al Di Meola, Mark Tremonti, Paul Jackson Jr. and Mike Akerfeldt just to name a few.

So, are you feeling like investing some cash in a new guitar? Would you like to get one fully customized by PRS? Check out PRS Artist Package.

PRS Artist Package is an exclusive platform for PRS core electric guitars that offers expanded features, options, and colors on select models. Available for the first time since 2008, the PRS Artist Package has been updated with a completely new option-based platform that results in the most distinctive instruments available from the PRS Core production line.

It is a 3 simple step process:

1. Choose your model from the seven available options + Artist package

  • Artist Grade Maple Top
  • Select Mahogany Back
  • Premium Mexican Ebony Fretboard
  • Ebony Headstock Veneer with Inlaid Signature
  • Ebony Truss Rod Cover
  • Artist Bird Inlays
  • Artist Case

2. Adding extras

Want a quilt top on your McCartney 58? A quilt top and back on your Hollowbody model? A figured maple or East Indian rosewood neck on your Studio? Nickel, gold, or hybrid hardware? 57/08, 59/09, or 53/10 pickups?

3. Choose your favorite color from more than 65 amazing colors!

Interested? Check out the photo gallery to be convinced that your next guitar has to be a custom PRS.

Now, good things cost money, well, bad things do as well… if you’re keen on one of the offered PRS models you would be looking at spending something between 6,000 and 9,000 – If I had the money, I totally would have a go at creating my own PRS Artist Package. Wouldn’t you?

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