December 13, 2023

PRS Studio Electric

n early 2011, another new PRS model burst onto the scene featuring a new finish that PRS had been working on combining ultra thin and super hard attributes to get the most out of the carved maple top.

Sonic options abound with the PRS Studio’s triple pickup setup and switching options. It features their brand new Narrowfield pickups which are basically a combination of a P-90, mini-humbucker, full-sized humbucker and a single coil. The result is both smooth, warm tones and crisp clear tones.

At home producing sweet acoustic styled clean sounds to more overdriven, crunch sounds.

If you don’t want to leave home to get a feel for the sounds this guitar is capable of, then check this video out for a fine selection of sounds.

Another beautiful example of PRS sweetness in the form of the 2011, maple topped, bird inlays, 5 way selector with pop out. It features their new V12 finish (very thin and hard), which is a lot of options with the 5 way select as well as the coil tap push/pull tone on the bridge humbucker Stop tail piece or tremolo tail piece. Pattern thin neck or pattern regular neck

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