December 11, 2023

Robert Fripp

The innovative, virtuoso and seated guitarist – pioneer of avant-garde rock.

It is kind of hard to explain or show the life of an amazing guitarist who has pioneered not only a music style but also a particular way of playing the guitar – not referring to the fact that Fripp has been playing seated for almost all his career, but referring to the atmospheric-soundscapes that only he can create.

Two big names, previously mentioned on this blog: King Crimson and Adrian Belew along with Robert Fripp are some of the biggest pillars on the progressive rock history. Belew and Fripp are the masterminds behind King Crimson; but Fripp is the main one as he has been the only band member who has remained in the band since 1969.

Robert Fripp is probably best known for his work with KC, but he started his vast career with “The Cheerful Insanity of Giles, Giles and Fripp” in 1967 with only 21 years and having only 10 years of playing the guitar in his pocket.

Fripp also collaborated on Peter Gabriel’s first solo album. In 1977 Fripp worked with Brian Eno on David Bowie’s hugely successful album “Heroes” and since then Fripp has been involved in many different projects with some great and talented musicians like Peter Hammill, Jerry Marotta, Phil Collins and Andy Summers from The Police – to name a few.

Other important projects in the life of Robert Fripp includes “The League of Crafty Guitarists” which evolved from a job offer in Claymont Court, West Virginia in 1984, as teacher at the American Society for Continuous Education (ASCE).

His Frippertronics looping system which evolved from a recording sessions in the 60s and made popular by Brian Eno, and the unforgettable contribution with David Sylvian (singer-songwriter for english avant-garde band Japan) which feature some of Fripp’s most exuberant guitar playing.

If you are intrigued by Fripp’s music and what he has been part of, I recommend you check out his discography on a Wikipedia article.

Showing you every piece of music Robert Fripp has created could take a couple of weeks, so I will do my best and provide you with what I think can will help define exactly what Fripp’s magic is about!

Soundscapes and scary sounds with KC – Frippertronics in use!

A very interesting fact: If you are a Windows Vista user, you probably hear Fripp’s sounds every time you start and/or turn off your computer. Fripp worked at Microsoft’s studios to record new sounds and atmospheres for Windows Vista.

Well folks, I hope you have enjoyed this article about Robert Fripp! A very highly recommended artist!

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