Rock and Roll

Are you with The Jets, The Sharks, or the Hawks?

1960 the year in which the Studebaker Hawk I saw this morning was manufactured, was a big year – the U.S. sent troops to Vietnam and Elvis returned from Germany. The Beatles earlier incarnation hooked up with Stuart Sutcliffe and left to play residency spots in Germany. Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, Sam Cooke, Chuck Berry and Duane Eddy all released records. Also featured in 1960 was the great Chester Burnett, or Howlin`Wolf who had been making records since 1951. 1960 saw Wolf release four records including Spoonfull. Wolf had a great ear and since `55 had been working with the awesome guitarist Hubert Sumlin.

It`s likely that Hubert Sumlin`s electric playing brought Chicago across the Atlantic and into the hands of the Great British Blues Players & bands like The Rolling Stones, who made their first recording in 1962, The Animals, or the incandescent guitar trio of Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton – all members of The Yardbirds. In between, Elvis Presley walked into Sun Studios. If you haven`t already heard what he did there in 54-55 with guitarist Scotty Moore then get a copy of the The Sun Sessions immediately – the guitar on that`s alright Mama is off the hook.

Wolf – Hubert Sumlin `51
Presley – Scotty Moore 54


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