December 12, 2023

Rod & Gab

Acoustic guitar duo with Power, Rhythm and Speed!

I was very impressed when I first saw a video of this duo covering “Stairway to Heaven”, so impressed that I started digging around Youtube and found a very impressive Metallica cover of “Orion”, since then I simply fell in love with what these guys do! They are really a must seen!

Rodrigo y Gabriela, or Rod and Gab are a Mexican guitar duo that has become world famous in recent years. They are Rodrigo Sanchez (lead guitar) and Gabriela Quintero (rhythm guitar and percussion).

They have dedicated themselves to creating acoustic rock but his compositions are influenced by Latin music, flamenco and Middle Eastern music, while using rhythmic, harmonic and melodic resources from Hard rock and heavy metal, interesting isn’t it?

They started all in Mexico City where they played in a Thrash Metal band called Acid Earth. Apparently, neither Mexico nor the thrash metal band were giving them that “something” they were looking for, so they decided to make a small jump into Europe veins.

The duo established themselves in Dublin, Ireland after hearing that the city was particularly hospitable to foreign musicians and buskers. They began playing in some pubs and on the street to refine and improve their music. The leap on to the stage came when they supported Damien Rice performing at the Oxegen music festival. From that point they began touring in music festivals in the UK and all around Europe.

This powerful duo has 5 studio albums and three live recordings; the latest album was released last January, called Area 52, where a full band was implemented for the first time. And they also share mics on the studio with different musicians such as Anoushka Shankar, John Tempesta, Le Trio Joubran and many others.

I really want you to check out these guys, so have a listen and watch their performance of Metallica’s “Orion”:

And for the Classic Rockers out there, check out their version of “Stairway to Heaven” – Very impressive!

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