December 11, 2023

Ronnie Earl

Don’t feel bad if you have no clue who Ronnie Earl is…I didn’t! until three days ago when I was reading a list of modern blues guitar players. So, I went to check most of them out, but Ronnie was the one who grabbed my attention and I am not sure why, but man, he’s got the blues, rock and the licks!

So, a few things about Ronnie Earl; he is an American blues guitarist and music instructor. He studied American History and Special Education and Education, but not until he saw Muddy Waters at a Jazz Workshop in Boston, did he start taking a serious interest in the guitar.

He has a quite an extensive discography and has been active since 1983, with around 25 LPs and one DVD. Although there isn’t much of his music available online you can still find jewels like this one if you look hard enough:

And this track recorded live in Bremen, Germany back in 1993 – this is “Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters”

So, what do you think about Ronnie’s playing – has he got your attention?

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