December 7, 2023

Sell outs

Another week surrounded by otters, exploding eggs and talent.
It`s been a critical week for “strategy”, design, “branding” and leveraging this or monetizing that…except we rarely resort to using rhetoric where frenetic gesticulations, nonsense, riddles and non sequiturs will do.

We`re all completely fizzed out from crazy concept meetings, mad games of all night table football (le babyfoot), hair metal poodles, and mark McKenzie`s hyper guitar licks. Plus trying to keep up design and content for this blog. Not only that it`s Friday the Thirteenth.
Lock us up.

One of the great things happening here at Rock Star Recipes for the last few days has been posed by two simple rhetorical questions that came up in a recent, highly animated conversation we had whilst rocking out in the kitchen to to the sounds of the exploding eggs in a microwaved ploughman`s lunch:

Are we corporate?

Are we even a business?

If you arent asking these sort of questions where you are then maybe its time to leave.

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