December 11, 2023

Silent guitar, Road Guitars, Spinal Tap, 11

If you spent thirty years listening to rock riffs, live concerts at Wembley, Hammersmith, Shea Stadium; saving for a `66 Shelby Mustang Fastback Coupe, an Indian motorcycle, drinking Cider from a skull and buying amps that go up to ELEVEN then what the hell good is a silent guitar to you?        Nigel Tufnel – look away now.

…about as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike? Unless of course all that “heavy nitrogen” music has your ears bleeding at the sound of a pin dropping.

SO what`s the deal?

Well; my friend Dimas plays Jazz and when we met up for a jam in Wellington he brought with him a Yamaha Silent Guitar that was light, easy to assemble and once plugged in to an amp made an absolutely fantastic sound.

His was a nylon string model but a steel string is available for those seeking the blues twang thang! If you want a light, portable travel guitar that`s an absolute breeze to play check these machines out.

The L.R. Baggs pickups, onboard reverbs, AUX in for rehearsal coupled with the fact that these babies assemble and dissemble like a 3 year old’s jigsaw into a small convenient traveling bag ensure that these machines are ideal for the mobile or traveling musician.

In a way they almost fulfill a steampunk ethic in their simplicity of approach but attention to sonic detail – so I`ve included a picture we came across on the internet of the ultimate Steampunk Flying V guitar.

We`ve started a group about music and travel on facebook for those of you who like to combine the two. You can join it here.

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