December 13, 2023

The main aspects of learning the guitar

We know there are many beginner guitarists out there, and there will always be!
This article is specially made for you.

Right now is the most important time in your guitar development. As you begin learning how to play the guitar it is vital that you are fully equipped to tackle any obstacle you may encounter.

There are many aspects of learning the guitar which are all very important and all play a part in your overall progress as a guitarist. Below are some of the main themes we think are the most important to keep in mind.


Most people are motivated by results. Positive results will usually motivate you to continue what you are doing while negative results often bring progress to a halt. If you pick up the guitar and play it you will find it impossible to get any worse than you already are, so provided you just pick up and play your guitar you will experience positive results which will encourage you and keep you motivated.

You will find some great motivational gems throughout the Jamorama course and we will explore all of these concepts in greater depth as we move forward.


Many musicians agree that even if you can’t play the cleanest chords, or the smoothest licks a strong sense of rhythm will really help carry a tune home and at times, can completely make up for a lack of skill in other areas. The average person is not necessarily gifted with an amazing sense of rhythm, but regardless of how strong your natural rhythm it is important you establish good rhythmic habits early on.

The Jamorama Metronome is a very helpful tool which will help you stay in time if you are playing along without an audio example and need a definite beat.


Most of your guitar playing will be done with your hands and although you may experience some challenging times as you begin to train your fingers to do things they have never done before, it does get easier. Much like learning to tie your own shoe laces, the first time is very exciting but easily forgettable as it becomes a normal part of life. Sometimes that tricky chord shape can become a whole lot easier with just a minor adjustment to how you are holding the guitar…

Mind games:

One of the really strange things about learning to play the guitar is the way your mind can work with you or against you. For example if you are struggling to push your fingers down on the fret board you can either get excited about keeping at it until it sounds better or you can become discouraged and put the guitar down as if there is no hope. Don’t be too hard on yourself, everybody has to start somewhere. If you stick at it then one day soon you will be laughing at how easy those chords have become.

You will be amazed at how much your guitar playing will benefit from a positive attitude. Be confident in the fact that it won’t be long until you can impress yourself and others with your guitar playing.

I hope this article can help you connecting with your guitar and I really hope that you are going to keep working hard to find the results you want!

All the best!

Ben Edwards

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