December 12, 2023

Washburn new Resonator series

On Sunday evening while surfing my favorite website I found a 2:00 minutes jewel; a really cool, inspiring and beautiful video from “pickingpete” Youtube user playing his Washburn Resonator guitar – I was really impressed by the sound of this guitar.

Washburn has always been around me, many guitarists I have played with, specially the ones who I started playing music with (a good number of years ago) were into Washburn guitars, not only for the build quality but for the many options in sound and price.

So I went to dig more into this New Washburn resonator series simply because I really want to get one for myself and here is what I found:

Washburn introduced the Resonator guitars last year within their Bluegrass guitar series. They introduced two different models, acoustic and acoustic-electric. If you listen to these guitars you will hear and see a great quality instrument which actually delivers the real feel and sound of a classic resonator guitar.

These guitars of course are perfect for blues and bluegrass styles, all Washburn resonators feature a spider-bridge and a single cone resonator design. The acoustic-electric models feature single coil pickups for bell like clarity and biting yet never brittle tone.

The R15S and R15R are the two acoustic models which features a Mahogany top, back, side and also neck, 19 frets and Rosewood fingerboard. The sound holes are in F.

On the acoustic-electric resonators they have the R15RC and R45RCE, with F soundhole, 20 frets a single coil neck pickup with 1 volume and 1 tone control.The R15RC has a Mahogany top, back and sides while the R45RCE has a flame maple top, back and sides.

From what I hear and see about this guitar, it seems to me that it’s top notch all the way!

I have done some research on ebay and amazon and these guitars are selling from $399.00 to $500.00 depending on which model you are after – brand new! So they are a must get if you are into the bluegrass and blues classic sound. I am pretty sure that once you hear it, you will want it!

Check it out:

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