December 11, 2023

What are guitar clinics?

Question: What are guitar clinics?

Answer: A good investment to improve your guitar skills!

What else are you using to improve your guitar skills besides your Jamorama Guitar course? Perhaps you own a few more guitar courses, or you visit your guitar tutor once a month? Are they any other options out there? Yes, Master Classes and Guitar clinics which come in DVD format or even better, live!

Have you attended to a guitar clinic? If you have, congratulations… keep doing it! They definitely help your playing and firing up your motivation to get better. But if you haven’t, you must go! Guitar clinics are a great way to learn from an experienced guitarist-musician.

A good guitar clinic is not only a “show off” and it is not only about seeing this experienced guitarist tearing up their fretboard… It is more like a sharing of experience.

You of course will see amazing stuff being played by great musicians, but this type of information always inspires you to do more and believe it or not, you’ll always learn something from a clinic. For the ones who have attended a guitar clinic, don’t you always want to get home and practice more than you have before, after attending a clinic? I’m sure most of you will be in agreement, and the reason is because at a guitar clinic or master class you receive a lot of input without even asking for advice… it’s like you absorb more than you actually hear.

What is also good about a guitar clinic is hearing the about the guitarist’s experiences. How they started playing the guitar, what the most difficult part in their learning process, what they struggled with the most and the link. That type of information is really inspiring for anyone; you basically get to see that your favorite guitarist is also a human, with feelings and problems, just like you.

My advice is to start looking for guitar clinics or master classes near you. Even if you are just starting to play the guitar and can play the G chord, go to clinics. A great way to see what is going on in your town is to visit the music shops and see if they are bringing any guitarists out this year. Music shops are generally the ones who organize these type of events. And of course, you can always browse the web searching for DVDs. There are a lot of DVD clinics available for purchase online. And remember, you’re worth the investment!

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