December 12, 2023

Wii put the Jam in the Jamorama Christmas Party

The Rockstar Recipes Christmas Party 09 was a complete success. The lads decided on a daytime shindig and Dave fully catered the event, living up to his rapidly growing reputation for being a culinary fiend and turning on perhaps one of the most extravagant spreads to date.

The bath tub was beautifully and appropriately decorated but not with your regular Christmas tinsel and fake holly, no, these decorations consisted of the ice covered aluminium and glass variety.

With not a single Australian, New Zealand or American beer in sight, this was no amateur hour bbq and the New Zealand whites, French bubbles and Italian reds kept the wine fans well stitched up.

Rockstar Recipes Christmas Party 09 was by no means just about booze however and this became very apparent as the cheeseboard materialized on the horizon of the table when you entered the main living area from the hall.

Christchurch did well to let some serious sun light down during lunchtime and it really was a race to get the sunscreen on before your skin began to sizzle. Fortunately while we were all well past medium rare and heading for overdone, the steak was being cooked to perfection in true Mr. Mckinnon style.

The combination of heat, full tummies and delicious beverages really was a recipe for lethargy and although the Rockstar crew had all come fully prepared with axes and songbooks the Wii seamed a whole lot more appealing once the ability to move limbs returned.

09 was an intense year and it was great to be able to chill out with the crew, eat good food, laugh at good jokes and celebrate a year that has definitely pushed the whole team individually and as a whole.

Remember to get your guitars out and jam hard these holidays because every minute of playtime adds up and eventually translates into serious skill. We look forward to helping you each step of the way, more and more.

Have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

The Jamorama Team.

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