December 12, 2023

Your personal map to the fretboard

If you don’t see yourself attending an institute for higher education to formally learn all the theoretical aspects of the guitar anywhere in the near future but you do want to have some fun learning the guitar and gain skills enough to pick it up and play something musical then you are definitely on the right track to success.

Part of what makes the guitar so appealing is the fact that it has played such a major role in the development of music over the last hundred years and subsequently has become a very accessible instrument to play and enjoy.

Whether you realize it or not you will develop your own approach to the guitar. Regardless of the training material you use or the teaching method of the people you learn from, the way you think about the guitar is ultimately defined by you. This is why the guitar can become such a personal instrument for people and why there is so much enjoyment to be had with minimal focus on theoretical aspects of the guitar.

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