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ZEN guitar Practice

After the nuclear war there will only be cockroaches and Keith Richards!! So let`s get practicing…with  some general tips that you oughta bear in mind when you want to get all Zen on your fretboard. 1. Cultivate a desire to try and achieve excellence. But do so on your own terms!When your lazy friends are […]

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Gibson EDS-1275 double neck

No better Rock classic than this one! Who hasn’t seen this guitar monster around? You probably remember it in the hands of Jimmy Page delivering the intricate studio arrangements on “Stairway to heaven”, or maybe you saw it on tour with Alex Lifeson from RUSH and perhaps Elton John’s guitarists, Davey Johnstone. From the Gibson family, a […]

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Gourmet Guitar Strings

“Goddamn Jimmy, that’s some serious gourmet s**t!” Jules (Pulp Fiction) In an industry that is, according to some, rapidly becoming mechanised it comes as no surprise to find that at least one company still produces affordable guitar strings by HAND. Yes, its true, by hand. Approximately  85%+ of a guitar’s tone comes from the strings – the […]

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Sustainability, in a broad sense, is the capacity to endure. It can be defined as the ability of an ecosystem to maintain ecological processes, functions, biodiversity and productivity into the future. In ecology, the word describes how biological systems remain diverse and productive over time. Sustainable maintenance of the natural world and the responsible use […]

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Lego Guitar

Just in case you have a fascination with living in an 8 bit universe and things are getting a bit blocky around the edges NEVER FEAR – there is a guitar just for you! And its made from that classic 8 bit component of yore the LEGO brick! The even better news is that we […]

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